Managing Director, Emotan ventures ltd, Emotan Josephine Aburime-shine at the exhibition stand, during the 4th Nigeria mining week, in Abuja on Tuesday


Emotan Josephine Aburime-Shine is the Managing Director of Emotan Global Ventures Ltd, a professional mining company which specialised in mining, cutting and polishing of gemstones and several other solid minerals.

In this interview, Mrs Josephine shine, who is also an MD of Piramen Ventures, gave an insight into the potentials in the mining sector and how it will affect other sector of the economy. She also expresses concern towards the loss incur due to lack of value on the rough stones. In addition, loss of revenue to the country.

She spoke with Daniel Ezenwa at the company’s exhibition stand on Tuesday, at the on-going 4th edition of the Nigeria Mining week review, in Abuja Nigeria  


What are the benefits your business will generate from the on-going mining week?

it’s always amazing to be part of a conference or mining week like this because first of all, everybody gets to meet each other, they people that are all in the industry, you get to be able to interact with the government and share all the projects and they things they are trying to do to support you. Because you don’t really know when things like this are happening.  When we have  mining week like this, we have the opportunity to interact with the ministers and tell them our problems and from what I have gathered, there’s quite a lot of initiatives they have started doing, in other to support miners with things like, loans, or grants and certain things are put in place and they are also bringing in companies that can train miners. I have to really commend  the government for the awareness they are creating for this sector and they are rising up to the challenges of trying to get it up to the standard as to the rest of the world and the mining companies around the world.


Do you think Nigeria as a mining destination has the commitments and financial muscles, like other Africa countries?

I think Nigeria will always become a major player in the industry. Because in the past, there has been underground mining happening mostly where a lot of the mining activities done in the background and people are not aware of the government benefit, but now everyone is coming in to try and make the industry more feasible and more legal, let’s put it that way, we think that , this is going to be the beginning of the kind of inflates. When people start to understand what we got here, there will be a kind of inflates  of people coming into the country and so that also brings in money into the transportation industry, the hospitality industry will benefit. So many industries can benefit if we do this mining properly and we get it right. Every other sector of the economy will benefit from it.


Your companies Emotan and Piramen what is your area of expertise in the mining sector?

Basically it’s a mining companies, Emotan focuses more on metal side of the industry  we have gold, Lead and several stuffs, while the Piramen ventures focuses on gemstone such as sapphire, aquamarine, ruby on its mining site. Our project is to uncover as many gemstones as possible in Nigeria.


You are into value addition, how do you add values to some of this minerals?

A lot of this minerals, when they are taking in their rough state, have very little value. Those stones when you go and sell it in its raw state, the money you get from a huge mineral are very little, so is almost lame labour when you get the stone to sell it in a rough state like that. However, the moment you add value to it by processing it a little bit, i.e. changing through faceting, for instance when we cut the stones and reshape them into some of the gemstones you can see in our stand, already that’s a change. You change the value. Therefore, when you change the value, you have a better shape of the profit margin that comes out of the actual stone. Now Nigeria or Africa is getting like less than a per cent of the actual value. Sometimes is not even up to 0.5% of the value of the stone because they do not add value to it. We lose a lot of revenue individually and as a country because of that lack of value.  We really need to close that gap because at the moment our people are just suffering and working for no much profit. They suffer and get the minerals out of the ground, and have to sell it at ridiculous cheap prices, which affect their transportation back. So we can’t continue like that because the value of this stones are a lot more of what we been getting  for it, so we really want everybody to be educated on the fact that these stones are valuable and we can change the value we get for it in Africa by adding value to the stones.


As a woman thriving in a sector regarded as tough even for men, how are you coping?

Some women are regarded as tougher than men, haven’t you discover it. We are they champions so yeah am ready for it.


Solid minerals are mine in the forest and in the bush, how do you think women can cope in terms of stress?

You know women tend to be in different part of the mining like the selling and they intend to be involved in maybe the cutting and faceting of the stones. So you know there is so many different stages in the industry, women can play a lead role, I mean when it comes to the rough work, hard labour, the might be a lot more men than the women just for the physical strength, but I think there are women everywhere accomplishing their goals in a mine site.

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